Tampin Recreational Park is strategically located within the vicinity of Tampin District Hospital, Tampin Rest House and Tampin Sports Complex. Out of the total area of 9 acres, 0.8 acre consists of natural lake. Besides its lush greenery, the park is also equipped with various facilities such as children's playground, badminton courts, tennis courts and jogging tracks. Its strategic location means publics can easily access the park and it is ideal for family outing.






Lay By Tampin is a stopover with the Rest and Relax (R&R) concept. Located at the main entrance of the northbound road towards Tampin, it is a strategic location for refreshing yourself before continuing with your journey. Among facilities provided are food stalls, surau and children playgrounds.





Tampin Square locates within vicinity of Tampin Sports Complex and becomes locals' popular spot for recreation activities, either on weekdays or weekends. Among the facilities provided are fully-equipped children playground, jogging tracks, exercises stations, interesting landmark miniatures and an open stage.






Tampin Lake Garden is located about 400 meters from Lay By. It is equipped with children playground, look-out tower, huts, benches and jogging tracks. It is a popular location for families' recreational activities. Food stalls are situated near to the garden too.





Tampin Mountain locates at the end of Titiwangsa Mountain Range (from geographical aspect). Man-made pools on this mountain allow visitors to enjoy the clean and clear water. Nevertheless, these pools will be upgraded soon in order to guarantee comfort and satisfaction as well as to portray better images with a touch of modern concept. The existing 5km hiking track up to the mountain top transformed into jogging and exercising track as locals frequented this mountain in the evenings and weekends.



Balai Tunku Besar Tampin


The Balai Tunku Besar Tampin is the official residence of the ruler for Tampin, the Tunku Besar of Tampin. Historically, Tampin used to be part of the district of Rembau before it was partitioned in 1836 where the southern area of Rembau around Tampin is being recognised as a new luak (state) with its own ruler. Unlike other luak in Negeri Sembilan where the ruler is known as Undang Luak, the ruler of Tampin is known as Tunku Besar and the post is passed over from one generation to the other as hereditary rulers of Tampin.



Replika Surat No. 66, Jalan Seremban, Tampin, Negeri Sembilan




Tugu Peringatan Sg. Kelamah

An 8-foot marble monument was erected on the Kelamah River to commemorate the fierce opposition of
the Australian military to the Japanese military advance on January 14, 1941, during World War II.
The Japanese troops were on their way to Segamat town. Australian troops led by Lieutenant
Colonel Gallahan.




Dataran  Kg. Tengah, Gemencheh




Homestay Kg. Londah, Gemas



Gemas Homestay Homestay Gemas comprises 4 kampungs located close together namely Kg. Londah, Kg. Ulu Ladang, Kg. Ladang and Kg. Bangkahulu.Tourist attractors include the historical remains of afort (Tugu Peringatan Sg. Kelamah), the Tuah-Tun Teja pass, scenic paddy fields and beautiful handicrafts.This homestay also make available traditional delicacies as ‘Kuih Tat Seberang' and pure wild honey too the tempt the testbuds of the visitors.A camp site by the river is located at this homestay facilities at the Danau Kubang camp site by the Sungai Muar include a changing room, futsal court and the open hall.

En.Mohamed Haris b Jantan 
Tel. (R): +6079481143
(Hp): +60127971878

En Abd Halim Bin Dolah 
Tel. (Hp): +60176233621

Pn. Radiah Bte Ujang Tel. 
(Hp): +60197299246 



Gemas Railway Station

Gemas Train Station is a train station located in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Here it
crosses the east coast, south and north. However, in 2012 the station was abandoned due to
the construction of a new station and looks much better.