Tampin District Council was formed in 1 July 1980, in result from restructuring through Local Government Act 1976. It was known as Board of Tampin Total area is 50 miles square feet or 12,924.94 hector.

Tampin District Council Administration area covers:

-Bandar Tampin
-Pekan Gemencheh
-Gemencheh Lama
-Gemencheh Baru
-Batang Melaka
-Air Kuning Selatan

This area is divided into 3 categories:

i. Operation area of 14.50 mile square feet or 3,755.47 hector
ii. External Operation of Control area of 23.25 miles square feet or 6,021.73 hector
iii. Alongside area of 12.25 miles square feet or 3,172.74 hector

This area covers 14.75 percent of Tampin District.