To reduce poverty rate in town area, Tampin District Council is trusted by government under 9th Malaysia Plan for period of 2006-2010 to act immediately to reduce poverty level in this area. At the moment, Council is actively carried out this order by observing all citizens in Tampin District which can be regarded as below poor level..

Currently, all poor citizens can obtain an application form of Town Poverty Eradication Program (PPKB) in Tampin District Council Office or downloaded from this website. The form will be process and review and visits will be conducted by Officer in charge. .

Target Group

  • PPKB Target Group are poor family which has household income of less than Poverty level Income (PGK) which has been set according to states as in Appendix B.
  • Only Poor Family which is Malaysian Citizen.
  • For more information on this Town Poverty Eradication Program by visiting our website or contact:
En. Othman bin Manhart Tengku Fazdy bin Ku Mohd Fozi
Pej: 06-4414363 Pej: 06-4413926
Tel. Bimbit: 019-6241133 Tel. Bimbit: 019-6438102